HOVS Ltd. HOV Services LTD.

HOVS Strategy and Key Differentiation

We believe that innovation, through the combination of domain expertise and technology, creates value. Our strategy at HOVS is to deliver returns for all of our stakeholders by enabling our employees, investing in our businesses and broadening our services and scale through acquisitions.

HOVS creates value for all of its shareholders through a combination of strategic investment, professional business management and well-crafted strategy and execution.

We at HOVS seek to develop and maintain a win-win partnership with our clients. We work with our clients to improve costs and efficiencies through a combination of cutting edge technology and innovation creating value for all.

The Company provides equal opportunities towards each employee's career enhancement and personnel growth. We reward our employees at regular intervals for demonstrating consistent performance and based on merit. Our people policies are designed to attract talent and improve retention rates of high caliber individuals.